Charles Partain

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Charles Partain has been the Assistant Director for the Rockdale County Division since 2020.

Charles Partain has been committed to EMS since first being introduced to public safety through an Explorer Boy Scout Program in high school. His first job was serving as an EMS Dispatcher with a Communications Center, which was responsible for dispatching ambulances and resources to emergent and non-emergent responses throughout the state of South Carolina.

After receiving his EMT licensure, Charles transitioned to the operations side of CAAS-accredited Medshore Ambulance Service, the largest private EMS Provider in South Carolina, where his experience allowed him to be involved with both urban and rural environments. He obtained his Paramedic licensure and was soon promoted to a Field Training Officer to train and encourage others in the profession to demonstrate the same passion he has toward EMS.

While working with Abbeville County EMS, Charles had the opportunity to develop a QA / QI and Orientation Program, which has been successfully used for several years with modifications. His management experience has included serving as Assistant Supervisor and as Supervisor with Medshore, where he has been actively involved with System Analysis, Scheduling & Payroll, Supply Management, Customer Service, and many other responsibilities.

Charles Partain believes that the EMS vocation offers our Medics a great opportunity to make our world a better place in many ways.